• Consulting

    Women & Wealth Practice Development

    Relationship management tools and strategies to help financial advisors better engage with women clients
    • Assess your book of business with a gender focus
    • Tips on how to have a better client meeting
    • Best practices for working with women clients
    • Networking and marketing strategies with a focus on women

    Investing in Women

    • What do women add to the bottom line of companies?
    • What are the positive financial consequences that gender diversity brings to a company
    • The current landscape for investing in companies that invest in women
    • Products for investors who want to incorporate a “gender” lens into their investment criteria

    Women’s Network Best Practices

    • What are the best practices that firms have implemented to help advance their women employees attain more senior leadership roles in firms
    • The role that external women’s networks can play in helping your women develop career and business opportunities
    • Strategies that will help your firm recruit, retain and advance women through all levels of your organization
  • Leadership Workshops

    Leading Yourself

    • Are you holding yourself back? Or maybe blocking your own advancement
    • Leadership is about influencing the output of others and yourself, but it’s that second piece, “Leading Yourself” that is often overlooked.
    • In this interactive session we will discuss how you influence your own output and provide you with a practical toolkit to lead yourself.

    How to Make Your Network Work for You

    • Your network is one of the most important assets in your professional toolkit.
    • The skill of being a “connector” of people is one key trait many successful leaders have.
    • In this workshop participants will learn how to: Identify and organize your network, effectively y use Linked In as a business development tool, build out both an internal and external network, as well as many practical tools and tips that professionals can immediately incorporate into their own daily workflow to have their networks work for them.

    What's Your Story? Developing Your Personal Brand

    • Do you feel confident in your ability to promote yourself effectively?
    • Often confused with self-promotion, personal branding is your “pitch” on what you bring to the table.
    • This workshop will help you map out, develop, communicate and grow your own personal brand.
  • Speaking

    What Women Add to the Bottom Line

    Women have become a powerful economic force, are controlling a growing portion of global wealth and have obtained a massive amount of purchasing power. This session will discuss how your investments can be an additional lever toward advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment.

    The Business Case for Advancing Women on Corporate Boards

    The inclusion of women on corporate boards has gotten increased scrutiny over the past few years. Solutions have ranged from quotas, to increased regulation and in some cases mandatory legislation. Hear about the solutions that countries are using to close the gender gap on corporate boards.

    Financial Well Being for Women

    Women and Money. One of the most important issues for women is to have a plan for their personal financial well-being. Research has shown that women are less confident then men in their own ability to make financial decisions, but women face a unique set of financial challenges that need to be considered. Determining your own personal financial roadmap shouldn’t be scary or overwhelming.